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A Dream Deferred
version for mixed chorus, tenor solo, piano
version for men’s chorus, tenor solo, piano
6′ (1994)
lyrics by Langston Hughes

Because of Those Who Came Before
mixed chorus, piano
2′ (2004)
lyrics by Barbara Pescan

Benediction (May the Flame…)
mixed chorus, piano (or organ)
2′ (2000)
lyrics by Max Coots

Bright Morning Stars Are Rising
version for mixed chorus
version for women’s chorus, soprano solo
version for mixed chorus, tenor solo
4′ (1994/1995)
lyrics/tune traditional

Dies Irae
mixed chorus, baritone solo
35′, seven movements (1989)
excerpt: M’Yamim Nora’im  17′, two movements
excerpt: An Inculcation, a Sermon, and a Prayer  15′, three movements
lyrics from various sources

Everyone Suddenly Burst Out Singing
mixed chorus, piano
2′ (1995)
lyrics by Siegfried Sassoon

Fill My Dreams, Stir My Soul
mixed chorus, soprano solo, chamber ensemble
25′, seven movements (excerpts available) (2001)
lyrics by prize-winning young poets

Four Madrigals on Fragments by Edward Carpenter
mixed chorus
8′, four movements (1997)
lyrics by Edward Carpenter

Let Us Worship
mixed chorus, piano
5′ (2009)
lyrics by Kenneth Patton

Mark the Time
mixed chorus, piano
3′ (2007)
lyrics by Max Coots

On Aging
mixed chorus, mezzo solo, baritone solo, piano
15′, five movements (1985)
lyrics by Joseph Campbell, Maya Angelou, the Anacreontea, India, and Helen Lesser

Salme 131 (Psalm 131)
mixed chorus, piano (or organ)
4′ (1998)
psalm lyrics in Norwegian or English

Take a Moment
mixed chorus, soloists, piano
5′ (2002)
lyrics by Christian Remick