soprano saxophone (or alto), percussion (1991) 11′

published by Sweet Child Music

recorded by the Minnesota Contemporary Ensemble, 180° from Ordinary, Innova 513

  • commissioned by Charles Young
  • Friends and Enemies of New Music composition contest, winner, 1995

“…elegantly written for saxophone and percussion.”

Robert Carl, Fanfare Magazine, 5/99

“An unnamed ritual is evoked by the percussion outburst and melismatic incantations….”

American Record Guide, 7/98

I have long been interested in incorporating theatrical, spatial, and non-metric elements in my work. Rituale represents a synthesis of many of these characteristics. However, their use in Rituale is not intended to imitate or portray any specific ritual practices, but rather to merely evoke the feeling of observing some sort of unnamed ritual by incorporating free incantations, stately processionals, and hypnotic ostinatos. I thus view the spatial theatrics as simply being additional elements utilized within the overall design of the piece, working in conjunction with abstract, purely musical ideas. Rituale is dedicated to Charlie Johnson, who hates boring music by dead composers.

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