versions for various ensembles  (2000/2001/2002/2003)  10″-2′

published by Sweet Child Music

  • commissioned by North Country Public Radio
  • recorded by the Potsdam Pointercounts, Off the Hook, private issue

Click to listen to NCPR Radio Interview

My partner Todd Moe works as morning host for North Country Public Radio.  In 2000, I was asked by the station to write theme music for Todd’s show.  I was given somewhat specific parameters: the main version of the theme should be 58-59″ long; it should begin with a few seconds of attention-grabbing music, but then quickly subside to allow for voice-over; it should be peppy and upbeat, but not too strident; it should be able to mix well with newscasts, classical music, jazz, folk music, etc.  We also decided to have a number of different versions of the theme in different lengths and different styles (modeled after the catchy music for NPR’s All things Considered): 5” buttons to punctuate after news stories, as well as 30”-2′ versions to use as transitions between different segments of the show.  Whew!

The first batch that I wrote had two basic styles, with a small mix of instruments.  Over the next couple of years I would periodically write more versions of the theme, using an even wider variety of styles and instrumentation.  I eventually wrote around 70 versions of the theme.  It was a fun little diversion to work on this project over the years, and it’s heartening to know that every morning at 8:20 am tens of thousands of people are listening to a little bit of my music.

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