clarinet, cello (1990) 10′

published by Sweet Child Music

“[His] use of both color and rhythmic invention were what caught the ear.”

Allan Kozinn, New York Times, 6/9/03

“…engaging moments… in which the cello and clarinet were temperamentally at odds: a supple, introspective clarinet line, for example, set against an excitable cello figure.”

Allan Kozinn, The New York Times, 10/19/99

“It’s measured tightening and releasing of tension through chaging rhythmic figures and sharp shifting of dynamics is quite artful.”

Andrew Druckenbrod, Minneapolis Star Tribune, 2/7/98

“…uses cleverly changing voices and extreme changes of dynamics. If I say this piece shows excellent craftsmanship, don’t read that as dry; “Jumping Jack Flash” shows excellent craftsmanship. I hope for the chance to hear it again.”

Steve Koenig, La Folia, Volume 2, number 5

Composed in 1990, Duo-Bagatelles displays an important aspect in the development of my musical style: a penchant for a terse and aphoristic sense of drama. Each of its five movements presents a concise, self-contained mood or gesture, with focus on the coloristic possibilities of the instruments rather than on motivic development. As virtuosic show-pieces, the Bagatelles present numerous challenges to the performers.

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